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Your eyebrows frame your face – and say a lot about you! We’ve all seen poorly executed eyebrow work and frankly, this is a service best left to the professionals. Be sure you’re making the right impression by scheduling your brow design at Salon Bumbi in Elkins. Here, our professional eyebrow artist can ensure you leave the salon with arched and defined brows every time. Treat yourself to a brow service that brings out your best natural features with precision you can feel confident about. It’s the perfect way to invest in self-care while getting the most out of your beauty budget. Professionally sculpted brows can truly make all the difference. Book your eyebrow services with the trusted eyebrow expert at Salon Bumbi in Elkins today!

Eyebrow Services

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Eyebrow Shaping

Whether you’ve never had your eyebrows professionally shaped before or keep well-maintained brows regularly, you will notice the Salon Bumbi difference. Our professional eyebrow artist will take care to examine your facial features and create a natural look that eliminates stray, unwanted, and outgrown hairs while precisely defining your brows. If your eyebrows are looking frayed and uneven, Salon Bumbi is ready to rescue your look with our corrective eyebrow shaping service. The confidence that comes with knowing your eyebrows – your most expressive facial attribute – are clean and well-shaped, is priceless. This 6-week service is ideal for enhancing the feminine features of the female face, as well as defining a strong masculine appearance for our male clients.

Eyebrow Tinting

Do you find yourself spending time penciling or powdering in your brows each day? Simplify your morning makeup routine with professional eyebrow tinting! Salon Bumbi offers this valuable service to enhance your brows with custom color that perfectly matches your natural eyebrows, or take it up a notch to meet your preference for a darker, fuller, bolder brow or kick it down for a more subdued, demure, and delicate look. Professional eyebrow tinting will immediately brighten and refresh your appearance to deliver a more youthful look. Brow tinting can refine and enhance your eyebrows in ways shaping cannot. By tinting the long and fine vellus hairs of the brows, the arches can be visually straightened, shaped, colored, lengthened, and enhanced to best reflect your personality. This service is especially beneficial for those who have overplucked or who have finer, thinner brow hairs at brow ends. Reschedule in 6 weeks to keep your brows looking fresh.

Eyebrow Lamination

Salon Bumbi offers professional eyebrow lamination to set the shape of your brows for weeks of maintenance-free lift. Essentially a straight perm for your brows, lamination keeps your brow hair smoothly groomed and straightened, with an appealing freshly brushed, feathered look that holds shape well. This service is perfect for those whose eyebrow hairs tend to grow in haphazard directions or who have gaps they wish to conceal. If you find yourself brushing and gelling your brows every morning to correct these types of flaws, contact our eyebrow artist to get the look you desire with flawless results that last up to 6 weeks.

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